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Anted Electronics Co.,Ltd
Address: 2/F, Building 66, Meilong Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen 518000, China
Tel: 0086-755-36956962            
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Mon-Fri: 8:30am- 6:00pm GMT+8 hours
Holidays (we will be closed on the following days)
Jan.1-2, 2017 (2017 New Year Holiday)
Jan.20-Feb.5, 2017 (Chinese New Year Holiday)
Apr.2-4, 2017 (Tomb-Sweeping Day Holiday)
Apr.29-May.1, 2017 (Labors Day Holiday)
May.28-30, 2017 (Dragon Boat Festival Holiday)
Oct.1-8, 2017 (National Day Holiday)




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