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Mobile 4 Channel GPS 3G 4G Mobile DVR Automobile Bus Taxi Truck Car DVR Video Recorder

Mobile 4 Channel GPS 3G 4G Mobile DVR Automobile Bus Taxi Truck Car DVR Video Recorder
Competitive Advantage:
◆ MINI size Design
◆ 4 Channel video input
◆ Recording Resolution: 4 channel AHD 1080P: NTSC 120PFS PAL 100FPS
◆ Support SD cards for storage (max 256GB)
◆ GPS tracking optional
◆ 3G/4G remotely live view optional.
◆ WIFI function optional
For kinds of vehicles' CCTV such as: Taxi school bus coach bus public bus minibus ambulance official vehicles police car truck semi-trailer engineering vehicle cement trucks excavators concrete mixers private cars road cleaning vehicles sprinkler patrol cars sanitation trucks garbage trucks Armored vehicles trains subway dump trucks agricultural harvesting vehicles military vehicles ships yachts etc.

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Industrial chip design, low power consumption, high and low temperature resistance, good stability;
1), Support 4 channel audio input, 4 channel video input ;
2), H.264 video compression, support 4 channel (AHD1080P, AHD960P, AHD720P, D1) camera; recording rate PAL 100FPS, NTSC 120FPS.
3), Language support: English / Russian and other more than 200 languages;
4), Signal system: PAL /NTSC
5), Video can set real-time clock, date, car number, car speed, brake and alarm signal;
6), With good anti-destruction, anti-base water and dustproof function;
7), With vehicle broadband power, can work stably in the voltage range of DC8V-36V;
8), Can set the video delay time, delay time range from 1 minutes to 244 minutes;
9), Automatic reset, let the machine never crash. After re-poweron, it can quickly restore the video. Instant power off also does not affect recorded video clips; 
10), After power off, can record video at a delay time delay; 
11), Fully enclosed design with lock, can effectively prevent man-made sabotage;
12), Support low voltage protection;
13), WIFI function can receive wifi hotspot, also can launch hotspot;
14), Maximum support 2 pieces 256GB SD Card;
15), Optional with 3G/4G/GPS/WiFi function.




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