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Solar Powered WIFI IP Camera outdoor with wide view 360 degree Panoramic for home office security HD 720P

Solar Powered Security Camera outdoor WIFI IP with wide view 360 degree Panoramic for home office security HD 720P

180/360 degrees wide view         
panoramic high-definition WIFI network IP camera based on Huawei Hi silicon Hi3518E V200 (or the same        
level chip) dual-core 32-bit DSP chip and H.264 video compression technology        
adopt the advanced panoramic distortion correction video technology can shoot panoramic picture of level         
180 degrees vertical 360 degrees and correct the screen with four ways. one camera is equivalent to four ordinary cameras         
make the monitoring area comprising everything in sight.        
this camera adopts advanced WIFI network technology realized remote surveillance remote surveillance remote         
monitoring video download video recording video playback ...etc. other functions on IOS and Android.        
this camera adopts advanced cloud services network technology can control and manage cameras by computer        
this camera is with strong power supply function intelligent uninterrupted switching power supply management         
between solar power power adapter and standby battery.  

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The advantages:        
support multi-type video monitoring mode and distortion correction, use digital zoom technology and         
 e-PTZ function, which is more powerful than the traditional 4 pcs IPC cctv kits, and it is easier to use and bring more fun and        
 visual experience        
1. Adopt Dual core 32 digits DSP processing chip (Huawei HI silicon V200), support pure hardware compression format.        
2. Adopt 1.3 Mega pixel 1/3” SC1135 Low illumination CMOS sensor, color 0.1 Lux at F1.2, black and white 0.01Lux at F1.2.        
3. Adopt high-quality M12 panoramic high-definition fish-eye lens, which perfectly present horizontal 180 degree and vertical         
    360 degree stereoscopic vision        
4. Adopt environmental protection and energy saving technology, equipped with a DC12V / 3Wh solar power panel.         
5. Adopt backup power supply, built in DC12.6V/15Wh lithium battery        
6. Adopt H.264 video code, pure hardware compression, support dual-stream technology        
7. Resolution 1920*1080/ 1280*960/704*576, Frame rate 1~30FPS adjustable, bit stream 0.1M~6Mpbs adjustable        
8. Support built in 8GB/16GB/32GB TF Card        
9. Support 2D/3D image noise reduction tech, make the images more clear, brilliant, and transparent        
10. Support night vision, IR-CUT/night vision mode auto detect switch.        
11. Support 2.4G Wi-Fi Wireless network connection.        
12.  Support cloud service, easy for user to realize remote monitoring and manage camera.        
13. Support multi video display mode: fisheye, columnar, single image, triparted images, quad images, etc.        
14. Support video preview frame digital zoom and EPTZ.         
15.  Support image rollover, video mirror view, distortion correction, noise deduction, backlight compensation, multiple         
      images mode switch, etc.         
16. Support mobile app monitoring (IOS7 and above, above Android 4.4 and above) and CMS monitoring.        
17. Power management, System will choose the solar power supply firstly, then it is power adapter, the last option is         
      back up battery power supply.         
18.  Adopt characteristic appearance and unique sunshade design, the solar power supply panel and installation direction of         
     panoramic camera can be adjusted separately, outdoor environmentally friendly energy panel adopts the waterproof tech         
    between the cable and mold.  

Parameter Specifications
Model  Outdoor Vision AT-P8S Solar power, WIFI, TF Card 720P video storage, video mode switchable, Video image correction, Support Backup Power
 Power Mode Green Power(Solar) Power Adapter Backup Power (lithium battery)
DC12V/6Wh DC15V/30W DC12.6V/15Wh
The power input management mode: system has priority principle.
1, The three kinds of power input are existing at the same time, system use solar power as first stage;
2, If solar power is not enough to support the camera keeping the normal work, the system will automatically switch to the power adapter;
3, if the solar power supply and power adapter are not enough to support the camera keeping the normal work, the system automatically enabled the standby power supply
Power Input DC12V~DC18V (Standard power input: DC15V)
  Model Input reference voltage DC15V    Corresponding working current Power Consumption
Working Current  Outdoor Vision AT-P8S Day 120 ± 5 mA <2W
Night 380 ±10 mA <6W
CPU Dual-core 32-bit DSP chip (Huawei Hi Silicon Hi3518E V200) .  System structure adopts the embedded design RTOS, pure compression, support the guard dog
Sensor 720P CMOS sensor; Color 0.1Lux at F1.2, B/W 0.01 Lux at F1.2
Lens Standard M12 horizontal 360°panoramic lens
Video Tech H.264 video coding, support dual-steam; support 0.1M~6Mpbs adjustable  
Resolution Main steam: 1080P (1920*1080)/720P (1280*720); Second steam: D1(704*576)
Video Frame 1~30FPS adjustable
Preview Mode Fisheye, columnar, single screen, three frames, four frames, etc.
Storage Mode Boot recording, Cyclic Record
Video Clip 1~120mins adjustable
Storage TF Card, Max 32GB
Network 2.4G WIFI (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Monitoring Platform Android 4.4+, IOS 7+, Windows CMS
Remote monitoring Cloud service fun, support remote monitoring and management of the camera
Another Tech Image rollovers, Image distortion correction, Video 2 d / 3 d noise reduction, Image defog, Video backlight compensation, monitoring mode switches, Digital PTZ, Motion detecting, Voice monitor, IR-Cut, Night vision
Net Weight 0.8KG




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